• Welcome! I'm a Berlin-based writer with seventeen years of experience in video game storytelling. I specialize in character-driven stories that draw inspiration from historical events, people, and cultures. I like to stay curious, ask questions, and learn new things on every project I'm on.

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  • Professional Projects

    Finding Hannah


    Hannah has it all: a good job, great friends, financial stability. So, why isn't she happy? As Hannah searches for the answer to this question, she reconnects with her estranged mother and uncovers family secrets that highlight the courage it takes to change the world. I was the sole freelance writer on this title.


    Head of Writing + Contributing Writer

    A choice-based narrative puzzle game about young adults in a magic academy, the mysteries that they unravel, and the trouble they get into. One of several games that I shepherded as head of writing at Wooga. I also supported the team by writing several chapters. The game was nominated for an IGDA Global Game Award for dialogue.

    June's Journey
    Lead Writer

    Socialite June Parker is living a carefree life until her sister Clare is murdered, and it falls to June to find out who did it. The only thing more challenging? Raising her orphaned niece, Virginia. June's Journey is a serialized hidden object game with 200+ chapters and a new chapter every week. I created the original concept and led the writing of the first 100 chapters.

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Explore the elf lands of Grahtwood and Greenshade; encounter the Wilderqueen; help construct the city of Orsinium. Regain your soul.
    Discover Tamriel's Second Era and enjoy all the epic quests, memorable characters, and dangerous enemies you expect in an Elder Scrolls game.

    I was a writer-designer for the abovementioned zones and storylines.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    As the Sith Inquisitor, you are an outsider to the birthright- and bloodline-obsessed world of the empire. Bring your own brand of chaos, or forge a path to the light side. Either way, you are sure to disrupt the Sith order from within. SW:TOR is a branching online RPG with millions of players.

    I was the Sith Inquisitor class writer and I wrote several world stories and parts of the Jedi Consular.

  • Personal Projects

    Head of State

    Your task is simple. Use democracy to end democracy. It's easy. All you have to do is tell the people what they want to hear, and make sure they only hear you. I was the sole freelance writer on this title.

  • About Me


    I am a versatile writer with a specialty in writing for interactive narratives, including choice-based branching games.

    In addition to work-for-hire in a number of genres (Sci-fi, Fantasy, Historical Murder Mystery), I have a number of creator-owned projects in various stages of development. I'm currently Head of Writing at Wooga.

    Historical Researcher

    I have a Master's degree from the University of Chicago, where I wrote my thesis on the educational approach of ninth-century theologian and philosopher Johannes Scotus Eriugena.

    Research is one of the significant skills I bring to my writing work, and I am available for hire as a historical consultant.

    Speaker & Mentor

    Mentoring other writers and teaching the writing craft is a passion of mine.

    I've led multiple writing teams and helped over a dozen writers develop their craft through personal one-on-one feedback sessions. In addition, I've led writing workshops for small groups and delivered talks at game conferences around the world.

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    Facebook: Women in Gaming

    Narrascope 2020: Writing the Never-ending Story (Without Burning Out)

    AdventureX 2017: What Makes a Great Video Game Protagonist?

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